My secret to a balanced life


My secret to a balanced life

I am often on the road and I forget about eating healthy. I have to eat on the run, skip breakfast, drink a lot of coffee with little sleep. I have to run from one place to another, I work at night and I wake up early in the morning to write articles or go to photo shoots. I try to recover my health by drinking juices and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, as much as I try to pay attention to this sometimes it is still not enough and I feel tired and I’m in a bad mood after long days.

However, when you live a lifestyle like mine it is hard to pay attention to your nutrition everyday which leads to a lack of nutrients in the body. I was really surprised to discover that due to the indiscriminate use of fertilizers there is a reduction in essential elements in plants and animal products – which means simple healthy eating habits are no longer enough to fully support your immune system! Evidently, I need to replace these somehow. Nutritional supplements came to my mind as the first thought – as this is the simplest method to strengthen the body.

But when it comes to finding the perfect product I’m often in a hard choice as I am looking for something I can take easily – once a day – and that provides me all the elements necessary for my busy lifestyle. So I did a little research and I discovered Béres Drops and it became my absolute favorite! The drops provide supplements necessary for the healthy functioning of the immune system – even those that it cannot produce on its own. Also it is in liquid form that can be better absorbed by the body. I already started feeling the effects since I started using them. Firstly, this winter so far I didn’t get any virus. And girls alike! It’s the first winter they were not absent from kindergarten due to repeated colds. Another sign is that I don’t feel the fatigue anymore, I’m in a really good shape even after long photo sessions and short-term departures.

Another thing I like about Béres is that they have long experience in this industry. Millions of people use their products so I can trust them. They have many products beyond the Béres Drops that are useful for me given my fast-paced lifestyle: favorites of mine got to be the sugar free Vitamin C and the Béres Magnesium that also support me to keep the balance and harmony in the everydays. You can find detailed information about the products here:

And now that I shared my secret, I’m curious what you do to have a balanced life?

What is your secret?




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