Blue, blue jeans



We’re going to party all night long at El Clasico Zoom Caffe Summer Paradise and after that at Chios Social Lounge party N o u s. n a r i a u s .T with Chouette. Dress code #allBlack. A new challenge!

Meanwhile, we escaped the rain, at least at this time and I managed to take new pictures for you. I just got this beautiful blue lapel with patch denim jacket, that you can find it online, here. In case you want to order the jacket (it has a super price!) i recommend you a bigger size. (I ordered mine M size).

Sandals and shorts are in my wardrobe for years and still find them in my choices.

P.S. How are you doing? Any plans for the weekend?  Holidays? I’m so happy that we managed with our holidays and we’re going to see a little part of Italy, Roma-Napoli- Capri for 8 days. Frankly, I’m so excited, and also very curious what should we visit out, where should we eat and shop … If you have tips & tricks, I’ll be more than happy to read them!

Ready, I’m out of here! Wish you a wonderful weekend!







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Accessories/ Flashtattoos & Yvette Has,

Shoes & shorts/ old.

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      Am 170 cm si 52 kg. Am grija la alimentatie si fac sport, undeva de 3 ori pe saptamana cardio si lucrez grupele de muschi. Nu mananc fast food decat in cazuri exceptionale 🙂 cam atat 🙂

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