The Phantom of the Opera



After a week….




Greetings from Cluj. I’m back with news. Frankly, I do not know where to start. It happened so many things lately: our weekend in Pitesti, shooting for ‘Dinner in White’  #StreetFoodFestival, short visit to Bucharest for Viva party, shooting in a dream location, Romanian National Opera Cluj and not least TIFF.

Today we talk about my latest photo shoot, with Flavius Fulea, Tudor andDaniel , and this gorgeous location. I wanted to take pictures in this place for years and it seems like wishes do come true and come bundled with other things that you don’t ask ….

We entered in the Opera House through the back door. We ended up on a fairly narrow hallway to tight for four people who were carrying props required for photo session. After a big door and this tall, hard cover, we arrived on the scene. I wonder how artists can manage all the feelings and emotions with those bright lights that knock them in the eyes. And how hard it can be to detach yourself from these emotions to make room for the role itself , a character well hidden somewhere in your soul. For a long time I have not been to a show here and I found myself being the main character in a piece signed by myself, somewhere between ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘Aida’ by Verdi.

On the stairs of the main entrance or in a big lodge, with the imposing black piano and last but not least with one of the hundreds of chairs upholstered in red velvet 







IMG_9539cIMG_9638cIMG_9765c IMG_9880c

“Today, the Romanian National Opera Cluj-Napoca is considered, rightly, a school of singing. It’s where they debuted internationally renowned artists such as Angela Gheorghiu, Alexandru Agache, Carmen Oprişanu, Simona Noja, Nicoleta Ardelean George Petean, Tatiana Lisnic, Marian Pop, Mihai Zamfir, Corina Circa, big names honoring the Cluj National Opera performing on the big scenes of the world. ”



I was wearing a Manuri dress and Zara sandals (bought 2 years ago). The second dress is bought from a London shop.

Pictures by Flavius Fulea.

Dress /

Location : Opera Nationala Romana Cluj.

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