That rose quartz dress





I love Pandora new collection Spring 2016. Each piece is so feminine, delicate and sophisticated in the same time. See, I like that when I wear jewelry, they become one with the whole outfit, as a beautiful love story. I tried to do that today, when I wore this rose quartz gorgeous dress (I can’t get enough of this color) and these perfect jewelry pieces : two chains, little earrings, small rings (that gives you the ability to layer as many or as few rings you want) and these gorgeous floral and crystal incrusted bracelets.






IMG_3418   IMG_3459 IMG_3563 IMG_3564 IMG_3572       IMG_3392

I’m wearing a few favorites from PANDORA’s Spring Collection. As I have mentioned before, I love delicate pieces and this collection is full of delicate and classy jewelry. 

To me, this combination is both elegant yet impactful. When it comes to jewels, maximum impact is definitely a good thing! Don’t you think so?

I’m wearing :

Dress/here, heels Asos, vintage bag, jewelry Pandora Spring Collection.

P.s. Nails by Nail Art Professionals Studio.


IMG_3589 IMG_3582 IMG_3387



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