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Sunday, 14.45 P.M.

Rain caught us today when we were out in the park. We ran like crazy toward the car. I had a pair of shoes in my hand, two jackets, my camera and Maia’s hand. Raisa was slightly behind us hand in hand with Sandra. We were smiling. It smelled like summer rain!





IMG_3856 copy IMG_3978

IMG_3831 IMG_3827 IMG_3825 IMG_3852 IMG_3886 IMG_3875




This is an article for moms & daughters. It is about all I have in this world and the purest human beings around me. It’s about every small gesture and every glance full of love that I receive from them.

I still can not believe my girls turned 5 years … They love to take pictures and they are fascinated by this beautiful world. They love my dressing room and I have to admit, I hardly pull them out. Chandelier earrings, heels, dresses with sequins or bags, it’s their pleasure to try them on.

And they are so happy every time they receive a package. You can not imagine how happy they were when these dressesarrived. I ordered them online. I admit, online shopping, lately has become the easiest and convenient option.  This time, I found these incredible beautiful dresses online here :



Four beautiful dresses in various colors. I know that Raisa is a little bit dreamy, so I chose a pastel dress for her in a gorgeous shade of peach. Maia is more playful so, I chose a darker dress for her , knowing that she will sit on every each bank she finds in her way. The dresses are 100% cotton, one of the features that caught my attention. The parcel reached to us very quickly, just in time for this beautiful Sunday. Too bad the rain chased people and we haven’t found no stall with ice cream or even a cotton candy. It has to be a next time!






IMG_3998 IMG_3985

IMG_3963 IMG_3955 IMG_3891 IMG_3883 IMG_3875 IMG_3868 IMG_3863 IMG_3840

IMG_3900 IMG_3909




I’m wearing :

Dress/Here, sandals/Here.

Maia’s wearing/Ninito,

Raisa’s wearing/Ninito.



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    Sa iti traiasca bijuteriile astea mici si scumpe!
    O postare frumoasa cu niste poze ce iti topesc sufletul. Am si eu o fetita care are 1 an si aproape 2 luni si pe care o adoooooor <3

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    Si eu si fiica mea suntem blonde, exact nuanta ta de blod de la radacina pe care am ajuns s-o ador, nu m-as mai vopsi in veci 🙂 Hm, poate doar suvite blonde. Pozele sunt de poveste, parca ai fi o regina cu 2 printese mici. Fetita mea n-are nici 4 ani si inca nu-i pasionata de moda, absolut deloc, insa este foarte feminina, atenta la tinuta ei generala si asta mi-e de ajuns deocamdata.

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