Avenue des Roses in Cluj

Monday, 10.00 A.M. I’m almost ready to go out, but not before I add a few drops of my favorite fragrance, Marc Jacobs, Decadence. Curious how everyone asks me about this perfume lately, telling me that the smell is different than what they felt the first time…

Anyway, I’m on my way to Guess store, in Iulius Mall, to check the new collection. I did not leave from them with empty hands, I took with me a #allwhite suit, a dress in a bright color and a cool denim jacket.

From there, directly at I.C.Bratianu, number 6, the place where ‘Avenue des Roses‘ store is located. And suddenly I woke up surrounded by a sea of roses …





Ioana4 Ioana5 Ioana10 Ioana12




Ok, maybe not really ‘woke up suddenly’. I’m actually here to take pictures with Raluca Ciornea. The main reason we’re here is the new flower shop ‘Avenue des Roses‘. We are talking about those beautiful boxes of roses. I still got one on my desk, a black box with white roses. And the box is amazing, is waterproof so you can use it for jewelry or scarves …

The black dress in the pictures is signed Roberta Biagi, an Italian brand. At one point we had a store here, in Cluj, now you can only find them online, click here.

What can I say more?!? We’re filming a new ‘Celebrity’ show for tomorrow evening at 21.00 on LookTV. Otherwise, I’m waiting for the sun to come out, I have so many projects in stand-by and a stand full of clothes that I received lately waiting their turn ….






Ioana9 Ioana3 Ioana1 Ioana2





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