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I’ve been with the Fereto face mask on for the past 5 minutes and somewhere in the back, on the kitchen counter there’s a homemade face mask, made by me, with honey and egg yolk. You did not know about this face mask? I believe I mentioned my beauty secrets a couple days ago, here are some details. 

There’s also a contest included, five winners that will receive products signed by Cosmetic Plant. Meanwhile my days have been pretty busy and the afternoons are filled with my girls’ smiles. They’re learning how to ride the scooter and I’m trying to keep my balance on the rollerblades….or at least that’s the plan. Looks like a true adventure, but I promise to keep you updated. What have you been up to? What are your plans for the next few days? Are you missing the sea and the beach as much as I am? And the sun? And the summer festivals? 

I blame it on the Coachella festival and the pictures that I kept on seeing on the social networks, otherwise I can’t explain this wish of being near a tropical beach….and that is why I got home today in the possession of these beautiful decoration pieces. 





IMG_2437 IMG_2438


IMG_2266 IMG_2282 IMG_2287 IMG_2297





Tomorrow there’s another full busy day, coffee tastings with Sandra, a meeting for a next event that looks very interesting(next week about vacations and other beautiful things with Ztour), and afterwards I have an appointment for a facial at Lavanda Sky Clinic (you can read more about the clinic here). I will keep you updated on Instagram and Facebook. In the mean time don’t forget to sign up for the two contests on the blog, one about beauty and the second one about the hair. The hair contest is in collaboration with Headline Studio, a young and cool team that you can check out online too, right here. 




IMG_2296 IMG_2309 IMG_2314




I’m wearing this awesome Divacharms dress, hat from Choies and booties from Minelli boutique.

Kisses & hugs,


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