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It’s a rainy evening here in Cluj. It’s snowing and it’s so cold. It was already dark outside at 15:30 A.M. All I wanted was to sit under a blanket with a hot tea, watching one of my favorite series. And if it’s quiet enough in the room you can hear for a few seconds the wind that hits the glass as if it’s trying to tell you something. Anyway….



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Today it’s Thursday, that means we’re live on LookTV, from 21.00. I forgot to give you some good news with all the frenzy lately. We have a new beauty center in the city, Lavanda Sky. A center built according to high standards, with modern equipment and highly trained personnel.

As you get older you realize how important it is to take care of your skin. An enzyme peeling, radiofrequency from now to then, dermaoxy or a facial massage, are more than welcome for our skin exposed to so many nuisances! You can read all about them here.



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P.S. That’s what I had to say. I’m waiting for Nick to get home. I made berries hot tea for me and I enjoyed a dose of Pepsi. I missed this taste. Pepsi is celebrating “50 years of free spirit in Romania. Yesterday. Today. ” and I loove their campaign. If you have not seen the video yet, you can watch it here. And do tell us what you think!




Have a fab night! Yours truly,





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    Atat de multe lucruri interesante in Cluj incat de multe ori m-am gandit sa ma mut acolo. Cred ca m-as simti chiar mai bine decat in Bucurestiul nostru batran. Cei de la Lavanda Sky au avut o idee foarte buna legata de imaginea salonului, iar tu ai facut o treaba minunata. 🙂

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