Christmas Gifts for HIM and HER



We are doing the last minute Christmas shoppings. Believe me, it is more indicated to buy them in time, because in this way we get rid of the worry,madness and crowds before the holidays. I made to shopping lists, for her and him. Find the links under the pictures, noted with 1,2,3…It is very cool that the online websites, give us the opportunity to send the products in maximum 3-4 days from the day you ordered them, with just some euros in addition. And I really found some nice gifts, don’t you think so?!






For Her :

  1. Pajamas,
  2. Mini perfume for purses,
  3.  Beauty bag,
  4. A cup,
  5. Telephone case,
  6. Fur collar,
  7. Portable telephone recharger,
  8. Slippers,
  9. Leather gloves,
  10. EOS lip balm ,
  11. A book,
  12. Lingerie,
  13. Notebook,
  14. Hand bag.








Click & shop :




For Him :

  1. A cap with a nice message,
  2. Mini set of perfumes,
  3.  Vivienne Westwood cufflinks,
  4. A scarf,
  5. Neckwear set,
  6. Remote control Ferrari car,
  7. Sneackers,
  8.  Casio Vintage watch,
  9. A book,
  10. A backpack,
  11. A selfie stick,
  12. A water container.




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These days,we are going to decorate our Christmass tree.We have an artificial one for two years now. I miss the smell of the naturale Christmass tree, which reminds me of my childhood’s mornings.Of the long hallway, and the staircases, of mom and dad that were waiting for us with breakfast. Of the gifts that were also waiting for their owner,under the Chrismass tree. The bad part was when the tree had to be undecorated and put away for the next year, because that part was my job. On the poor  tree there were, at the end, only the candy packings.Do you also remember that?

We all agreed that the Christmas tree, this year, will be white and silver. The girls are excited. They twisted and turned the globes and the garlands in all the ways, and some of them suffered some minor injuries. You know how it is…

In what stage are you with the Christmas preparations?  What colors will you use for the decorations? What are you going to buy for the loved ones?

Don’t forget to add a short message on the greeting card for every gift, in which you tell your loved ones all they mean to you, maybe even a special memory about an old Chirstmas, some special words…



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