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A very expected subject for many of you,  ‘waist training’ or the corset that helps you train your waist. The Kardashian sisters used it (Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendal, Kylie), Jessica Alba, Amber Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Nicky Minaj and many models and fitness stars, that confessed their secret behind their sensational and sexy forms. I always asked myself if it really works and what does this ‘waist training’ means. And in this moment, the corset is available in our country, and I ordered my first one from  Clessidra.ro website.





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I still remember the night I started wearing it and the questioning look on Nick’s face. After a month, the results started to appear. The training of the waist is a efficient procedure in which we have to proove patience and determination. Of course, it isn’t enough to use the waist training corset and it needs to be accompanied by a healthy diet, that includes low fat and carbohydrates meals.



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The new corsets are made from modern materials, elastic and malleable ones that assure the flexibility that you need in your daily activity, being easy to wear. They are made from latex and cotton, high elasticity materials and it adapts to the shape of your body, and the supporting system is made from metallic flexible rod, that lets you move freely. Because of their flexibility and mealleability, they can be used during the sports activities.

Benefits of the corset :

  • – it diminuates the appetite, acting with a moderate compression of the abdomen, like a gastric ring, without being agressiv and invasive
  • – it decreases the quantity of food that you eat,during the meals, adjusting in this way, the process of digestion and the metabolism of the food
  • – mobilizes the fat cells, the compression applied being associated with the movement, having the effect of a micro cellular massage
  • – the abdomen is more flat and tonified because of the maintaining of it in tension as a reaction to the corset’s compression
  • – it stimulates sweating, eliminating the retention of the water
  • – it stimulates the detoxification and it eliminates the impurities, because of the sauna effect caused by the latex
  • – improved posture, straight position, and lumbar support
  • – it reduces back pains, supports and strengthens  the lowar back muscles during the effort




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I use it almost every day, at the gym,during the walks, doing shopping or any daily activity, in that moment that the cardiac rythim is accelerated and amplifies the sweating process. More than that, I have the tendency to have a crooked position, and the corest helps me correct that, directing my back. The metallic rods give me a extra support for the back. If you use them in the gym, you will see that it succesfully replaces the classic belts, giving you extra lower back support that you need, especially during the weight trainings.


Tips. You can use them with a special cream that helps giving that hornet waist and pack yourself with a thermic foil. This procedure helps you get more detoxified and helps you in the burning of the fats process, and body remodelling, that the corset helps at.


Find more models on Clessidra.ro.

I am very curious….did you tried this kind of corset?

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