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It is 08.05 A.M. Tuesday morning. In maximum 3 hours I have to be on the road to Bucharest and I still haven’t finished packing. But I really wanted to tell you, before leaving, the news we have about Glamour Street Fashion Show. I can’t wait to meet you all, tomorrow, the 18th of November, at Stejararii Country Club, in Ballroom.You can come accompanied at the event!   The schedule looks like this :  14.30-15.00 we wait for the participants at the Stejarii Country Club – they should come with the outfits that are ready for the runway –  they will have a room to get dressed in. 15.00-18.30 – they will be makeup by the  MAC  artists and hair-styled by the Wella experts..  18.30-19.00 – rehearsals  – runway on the stage, making the order in which they will go on stage. Don’t forget the dress code: Pick you favourite trend of the season and wear it the most glamourous way possible!


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Beside that, these pictures where taken by Flavius Fulea, last week, and I really wanted to show them to you.I am wearing an outfit by Raspberry Fashion. A part of it can be found at sale  (the shirt and the skirt). And don’t forget that we are in November, that is related with ‘black friday’ and on Raspberry Fashion the sales already started. Go online  here  and see what I am talking about!




IMG_0972c-682x1024 IMG_0980c-682x1024 IMG_1093c


SHOP my outfit :

Coat /HERE,





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