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Greetings from Cluj! It is beautiful,sunn day outside, with temperatures of 5 degrees. From tomorrow the Weather application indicates snow. I am ready for the first snowflakes, like we all are, because it is passed the middle of Novermber. I know that it is a while since I last wrote to you. I honestly tell you that I didn’t take any break but I was in Bucharest. Probably most of you know why I was there, and some of you learn now that I was at Glamour Street Fashion Show or #GlamFashionShow and for those who want pictures from the event + after party look on the social media networks.

Glamour Street Fashion Show, a very cool project , organised by the  Glamour  magazine (I can’t wait to see our pictures in the magazine, in January), 10 bloggers, 10 teams and a lot of prizes. I really was nervous when I arrived to the party, where I met my team of 7 gorgeous girls! Here they are, in the order in which they appeared on the stage : Mihaela, Ana Maria, Denisa, Ioana, Evelina si Cristina. Below, there is a picture with all of us on the stage.





I really feel sorry for those of you that couldn’t make it, but I understand you perfectly, and I am sure that there will be more opportunities for us to meet, in flesh and bones. All the girls were amazing and they did a great job. For me, you all are winners and I really feel happy that I got the chance to meet you and spend some time together, with a prosecco glass. I wore a  custom made, Chicdiva.ro, vest, that was transformed in a dress. I think that it really looks good also with a pair of booties, but this is the price paid for being on the road. Thank you to the girls from ChicDiva, that really worked hard for this vest, that has feathers and pearls, hand made sewn. I don’t know if you can see well the pictures, because they were made late in the night.



Untitled-12-1024x765IMG_0016c-682x1024 IMG_0021c-682x1024 IMG_0031c



We ended the night at Embessy, with a salad and chatting with the girls. I stayed for 3 days at Bucharest, in which I made some interviews for the Celebrity show, I went to Ana Morodan’s showroom and met with Emanuel Iuhas, Adina Buzatu and many others. I can’t wait to show you everythin! The first material enters on Tv on Thursday and it will be madness!



IMG_0003c IMG_0068c-682x1024 IMG_0099c IMG_0103c







I came up with the genious idea to stop for a short halt at  Busteni, at the  Cantacuzino Castle. I stopped by in that area, also in the summer, but the Castle was closed for an event. So, we packed and headed to  Brasov. We found a place to stay on the road, we are girls and we like doing stuff in the last minute, but we found a genious place named  Il Piccolo Castello, the first house build in Busteni, in  1800, transformed in a Pension.

I filmed, made some pictures, ate the best mamaliguta (corn flour traditional meal) , visited and tomorrow I will show you everything!




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    Buna seara Ioana!Vroiam sa te intreb la Top Shop poti plati cu orice card,caci eu nu reusesc sa platesc cu al meu si totusi este in euro?Iti multumesc!

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