Faux Fur Coat

I was looking online for a fur cout (artificial fur), and I found so many beautiful models that I can’t decide. In order to understand me, I hate to dress thick (mom knows best, and now I do to, because I have a little Ioana now, to be exact, two actually,  Maia & Rai) , but regarding the cold wheater, layering is my new best friend. This means that I don’t give up the leather jacket and the oversize cardigans, but I add a new clothing piece, fur, to be exact. Why fur? Because it is super stylish, classic, original (if we pick the colored one) but in the same time so modern& chic.So, should I pick a colored or monochrome one? White or black?Help! Which one is your favourite?

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P.s. Below, some pictures for you to be inspired! Pinterest is to blame for these cool pictures. We also have an account there, it couldn’t be missed! Check it out here.

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    Mie îmi place nr 3. Mi-am comandat și eu una asa de pe net, sper sa vina pana de revelion. Un mic sfat: pune-te la punct cu engleza, faci multe greșeli.

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