A night to remember #Busteni

After 3 days on fast forward, I arrived to Busteni. We cheked in at Il Piccollo Villa,the first house built in  Busteni in 1800. A place full of history. You can’t imagine the silence of the mornings, the smell of burnt wood and the Cross from the Caraiman that was watching over us at over  2200 ft, altitude. I don’t know what it is left to say, because I am sure that you already saw the pictures on Instagram from that day (if not, click here), the pictures talk for themselves.

It is announced a peacefull day, lunch and coffee at  Canta Cuisine Restaurant , a visit to the Cantacuzino  Castle and the road back home. Look at the pictures from that day.



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In the photos I am wearing a dress by Laura Firefly, a versatile dress that looks good also weared like a vest under a leather jacket. You can find Laura, online here, and on Facebook.

You really need to visit her website and see her collections,because they are really special. And I really liked the way she described the  ‘Laura Firefly’ brand thst I copy paste some of it here  :

It starts with a woman.

It always does.

Hard to figure out, impossible to define.

Everybody knows who she is.

Stylist, architect, artist, entrepreneur, poet, storyteller, model, lover, dreamer, traveler, diva, dancer, singer, full time kid, friend.

All of them at the same time in some sort of 2015-esque post modern melting pot.

What is she wearing?




LAURA FIREFLY is a limited edition womenswear brand based in Romania. With the fashion-forward and contemporary woman in mind the brand is passionate about creating unique apparel, citing an eclectic blend of influences ranging from children’s games to modern art. Founded by lead designer and stylist Laura Gherman in 2012.”

The over the knee boots are also ordered online from here.

Untitled-1c IMG_0283c-682x1024


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