Iasi – the city that deserves to be visited!



If you ever end up in Iasi, stay at the Unirea Hotel. It is situated in the heart of the city and was recently renovated.  Plus, it has an awsome view that takes your breath away and I’m reffering to the Panoramic Restaurant from the 3rd floor (the tallest building in Iasi). We took advantage of the spa, pool,gym, jacuzzi, sauna, a vitamin cocktail and all of this at 9 in the morning.





We head to the city, but not until we made some pictures in the Unirii Square. I wanted to arrive to Palas Mall, for some shopping ,but most of all, to take some pictures. Palas Mall is placed in the old garden of the Royal Court,that was build in a oriental way, the actual garden still has many features that were designed by Vasile Lupu, like the circular lake  and a closed gazebo  in the pool’s old place from the Middle Ages.








I adore the city! Why am I saying that? Well, because first of all , Iasi never sleeps. Yeah, that is the truth!It is crowded and agitated but in the good way. We received a very warm welcome at Cafe Papillon, where we had a blast. Champagne, fireworks and some shots, good music and an exceptional vibe.








The food was delicious. And for that I have to thank Cafe Papillon, coffee place, bar and a cosmopolitan lounge. Vivid Bistraw –  raw restaurant,where I ate the most delicious dessert, just look at the pictures if you are not convinced! I can not forget to mention Vivo– Fusion Street Food, where you find the best burgers. You can find them in Bucharest and hopefully ,soon, in Cluj. The last restaurant we went to was Ralet. Live music, a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere. We felt so good in Iasi that we are planning a new getaway.






IMG_6682c IMG_6683c IMG_6700x IMG_6703c IMG_6704c IMG_6660c


IMG_6806c IMG_6809c IMG_6811c IMG_6813c IMG_6819c





#vinLaIasi.In the last night I received a gift – a keychain that says this hashtag (you can find more pictures , just check it on Instagram)from Marian aka. Gramma Wines. Because every time we go to Iasi, Gramma Wines is next to us. Well, I have to admit that not only in Iasi, occurs that (smiley face)

Dear inhabitants of Iasi,we thank you for the warm welcome! You have a beautiful city that deserves to be promoted!I can’t wait to come back!







Today we are packing. Tomorrow we head to Timisoara. I can’t wait for us to meet! We’ll see you live at  ‘Ziua Buna’ from 11 am where we’ll tell you all about this weekend!

Have a sunny day!

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      Monica, si eu sunt o “ieseanca adoptata” – am ramas cu drag dupa facultate aici. Am o afacere intr-un domeniu frumos aici in Iasi, socializez mult, ies des in oras peste tot. Si pot sa spun ca Ioana are dreptate: avem un oras superb, plin de viata, de cultura si de oameni calzi si primitori. Sunt multe alte locuri in Iasi ce merita vazute si descoperite, in afara de cele vizitate de ea. Spun doar atat si fara nicio dorinta de a intra in polemica: cum poate un localnic sa coboare ceea ce un strain reuseste sa prezinte realist, ba chiar sa ridice in ochii cititorilor? Hai sa avem o atitudine pozitiva si sa ne primim cum stim noi mai bine oaspetii si sa ne alaturam lor in promovare! Salutari calde din Iasi!

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    Te felicit pentru cuvintele frumoase! Chiar daca este lor de imbunatatiri, asta e valabil pentru toate orasele. Asa ca jos palaria pentru atitudinea eleganta a acestei postari!

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