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I CAN’T pass by the  C&A experience , without telling you about Berlin.  Thursday when I set foot on german land , it was  unbelievable cold, it was  slightly raining and the city was covered by a thin layer of fog. At 10.30, a tall gentleman, well-structured, was looking for us in the airport, holding a card that said C&A Romania. We hopped in a 8 seater black Mercedes  and we head to the hotel. We are staying at Amano Hotel. No, it’s not Grand Centrale.We pass it and realize how good it looks.


The waiting room of the hotel is huge, with dark colored long sofas,and the paintings on the wall make you forget why are you there and invite you to admire each and every one of them. Somewhere in the right side,along the reception , is the hotel bar, discreet and fabulous, covered in cigarette smoke.The drapings are covering the windows and it is dark inside. It literally invites you to get lost in there, enjoying a glass of prosecco, with your friends. We actually did that when we came back from the event.

Every room is different  and give you the impression that every room hides a different story. Actually every room hides hundres,thousands  and millions of stories writted by the tourists that spent the night there. Usually, I am the kind of tourist that doesn’t spend time in the room.Here, I spent a lot of time and made some pictures because everyhing looked so beautiful and familiar.








IMG_7381 Untitled-2


IMG_7365 IMG_7351





Friday was a sunny day even from the early morning. Usually , I would not open my eyes when the iPhone’s alarm rings  (ah, I hate that ringtone), but this time I was feeling fresh and ready to conquer the city.

IMG_7406 IMG_7408 IMG_7572




What are we visiting in Berlin:


1. The Brandenburg gate”from Pariser Platz  square Berlin neighborhood-Mitte of Berlin was built in the 1788-1791 by Carl Gotthard Langhans.It is the most important symbol of the city and it also is a place that is asociated with many important events that are linked with the german history,of Germany, of Europe ant the 20th century.” source Wikipedia.

IMG_7607 IMG_7612 IMG_7628 IMG_7644 IMG_7650 IMG_7654

2. The commemorative monument of the Holocaust

The Holocaust was probably the most painfull method used by the Nazzis to get rid of the jews and millions of people died in that period in the Nazzi Germany, just because they were jews. In 1988, at 43 years from the death of Adolf Hitler, it was proposed the construction of a monument in memory of all the jews that died during the Holocaust, but the approval wasn’t given until 1999 when the construction actually begun. The monument was officially named The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, and it can be visited by tourists during the day and also during the night. More than that, if someone wants to know more about the history of the jews, under the monument there is an informational centre where they can find out details about the persons killed by the Nazzis. -source Wikipedia.

IMG_7664 IMG_7667

3. Checkpoint Charlie.

In 1961 the lider of the Democrate Republic of Germany, Walter Ulbricht maneuverd things in a way to obtain the permission of the Sovietic Union to construct the Walls of Berlin, to stop the emigration from the East Block to the west, separating this way the Eastern Berlin from the Western Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie became the symbol of the Cold War, representing the separation of the east from the west.

Because this passing point was build  for the transition of the aliated forces military in October 1961,at the control point  Checkpoint Charlie/Friedrichstraße took place the so called “tank confrontation”. Transformed in a symbol of  the confrontation between USA and the Republic of the Soviet Union, Checkpoint Charlie became a famous passing point in Berlin. The Berlin Wall Museum from Checkpoint Charlie is dedicated to the Cold War  , to the totalitarian regim of  the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the attemps of east-germans to refuge in the western part.

source – Wikipedia.

IMG_7768 Untitled-3



I know that you can’t leave Berlin without tasting a Currywurst! Because I am not a curry fan , I said “no, thanks”. I chose instead pasta and chinese food.I am sorry that I didn’t went to the Museum Island but usually, we leave behind places that we didn’t visit, to have a reason to return.

Details of the Amano Hotel  here.

See online the  C&A collection here.

Special thanks to C&A for this beautiful experience. It was unforgettable!

P.s. When are you going to visit Berlin?



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    Am fost in Germania de multe ori, dar la Berlin nu. Insa cel mai frumos si cel mai mare oras in care am fost e New York! Crede-ma, dupa ce il vezi, nu mai ai cuvinte…Recomand, de departe cel mai…!

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