Tourists in Vienna (part 2)



The last day in Vienna started at the St Sthepen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom)  the symbol of liberty  in Vienna. We proposed ourselves to stay mainly in the centre of the city, to go into some stores, to buy souvenirs and atfer that, to stop and visit some famous outlets situated at the exit from Austria.I still can’t understand how time passed by so quickly, after some little streets, a capuccino and a  apfelstrudel  it was already 3 pm.We had on the agenda so many places that you recommended but we hadn’t time to visit.



IMG_7948 IMG_7976









Dear ones, thank you for all the tips and recommendations!It helped me so much. I left some places to visit for the next time, because it will be for sure a next time!


“I recommend  25h, because you can see all of Vienna, in a beautiful view from the terrace. But you have to go early, at 8 if you want to enter it because usually there are many people waiting in line.”


“If you want to have breakfast in a beautiful place, Motto am Fluss it’s awsome!


 “Love that city You really need to have dinner at  Donauturm! The most beautiful place in Vienna ! Have fun”

Tarmure Denisa

“If you go around the Marriott Hotel’s area,you really need to enter the  Patibon Chocolate place to sweeten your visit”


“I live in Vienna for two years now and beside the fact that I have other favourite cities,
Vienna still is like my second home.
Try to come here before the winter holidays and visit Rathaus platz where it is  Christkindel Markt ( the Christmas fair) , it is wonderful, and for sure that you will feel the Christmas like it was in your childhood . ( at least for me that is how it felt ) ;
I wish you good luck !”




IMG_8037 IMG_8024 IMG_8013 IMG_8012 IMG_8002 IMG_7995




Today we have a shooting for Glamour Romania,  a project that targets all the new trends of the cold season.Until then, I want to remind you the teams for Glamour Street Fashion Show  contest are formed. I am sorry that I couldn’t bring more girls in my team. Thank you for subscribing and for you interest, you are amazing!The teams can be voted here!
Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.04.31





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    Si eu ador viena, ma duc de 2 ori pe an vara si iarna.Crede-ma merită să mergi si iarna este de vis.Eu sunt norocoasă stau în Timișoara pt noi este aproape.

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    Ioana,esti adorabila…Te urmaresc mereu cu mare interes si imi place tot ceea ce postezi….by the way…imi plac unde sunt achizitionati? la cat mai multe postari…

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