I didnt had the chance to write to you this morning, but here I am, at night, not long after 10.30 pm, with a short update of today, 22nd of June.We are talking about summer (aka June)….I don’t know how the weather is where you are but at Cluj it was chilly even with my leather jacket on.We will see improvement tomorrow, with 28 degrees, for the photo shoot with Flavius. We are working on a nice project, that will be launched on Thursday, at  Hill House, Cluj.

Today I dyed my hair. Many blond highlights.A silvery blond, that blends in beautifuly with my natural color. I will be back after three weeks to Raul for more highlights. Until then, here is how my hair looks :




And I like it. On the way home, I stopped for a few minutes to pick up a package, to be exact, the  two boxes with sandals, beautifuly signed by Garkony. Because the new collection arrived and I couldnt help myself to order something. I sincerely recomment the site, they are from natural leather and extremly comfortable.






And flowers.




At the end, a wonderful smile that warmed my soul from the first moment, Maia. Just Maia, Raisa preffered to stay and watch the last part of ‘Veronica is returning’. I understand her perfectly!I  also like to watch it even if I know every scence by heart.






That’s it,I am off to bed. I thank you for the attention that you give to me day by day. I hope you  read the last posts ‘Tomboy‘ and ‘Turtle neck top and denim shorts‘ .And if not, now is the time to do it, because I like them very much and I am curious what do you think of them.








See you in the morning, for a coffee on my  Instagram @ioanacarmen profile and there you can find all the pictures!

P.s. Who is going to #ElectricCastle this weekend?



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    Super ti-a iesit culoarea, asa, de vara 🙂 ma face sa ajung iar la eterna dilema, sa scap de brunet si sa ma fac blonda? :))

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