Huawei P8 and Electric Castle



I came back on the blog, on the run this time, because there are just a few hours before the  UAD Gala, but it was just a ‘must’ to tel you about the ‘Electric Castle’with Huawei  experience and the new  #huaweip8  smarthpone.

Let me start with the begining.Yesterday I passed by the Huawei selling area, where I had the chance to try the new smarthpone. The truth is that the team from Huawei did its homework and released a phone that looks really great. It has generous 5.2″ display,  a full HD well optimised, a quick display and a 10, even 11 grade marking, colours and an amazing contrast. I like that fact that  Huawei P8 has a fully integrated photo camera. I don’t want us to pass by quickly the camera topic, because it really interests me a lot and I want to tell you that the phone makes the best selfies. Or better said, a ‘perfect selfie’, smoother skin, a little bit of sharpen and a glow aroung the eyes. Just take a look!



bty bty bty


I know that you are looking for a  smartphone that has a perfect camera, for the long vacantions with family, a walk in the city or a night out in the club, or catching anything that seems interesting for you. Below you can find some features of the phone, and for more informations go on   Huawei Facebook or the  official site

Huawey P8 features :

  • display IPS LCD Capacitiv 5,2 inci FHD
  • camera 13 MP, Dual color temperature flash, 8 Mega pixel front Camera
  • 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
  • procesor Hisilicon Kirin 930, 8-core 64bit, 2.0GHz
  • 3 GB RAM



Here are some pictures that I took yesterday. I have to mention the fact that the light wasn’t the greatest, it was passed 6 pm and it was cloudy. Here is how they came up :


bty bty




And some other pictures taken at the Festival!

IMG_1034 copy





The Huawei team awaits you at the official sales area at Electric Castle, where you can try the new phones, make phoyos in the Selfie Booth, learn more about  ‘Perfect Selfie’ and win a lot of prizes. 

Tomorrow I will be there again, taking some pictures! Have a wonderful day!



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