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Back home after a short break. I don’t know how did the Eater Holidays were for you but I feel like they went by so quick. Still, I am glad that I was able to spent my mini-vacation with family, in my hometown Simleu. We enjoyed the sun, we visited some old friends, beloved place and laughs on the terrace until late in the night. I didn’t had the chance to make so many pictures, but they will come soon, because I packed with my some latest products from the workshop and I can’t wait to show them to you.




IMG_2414copy IMG_2505copy IMG_2519copy IMG_2524copyIMG_2546copy



I don’t know how I forgot to show you these photos made by  Flavius Fulea. Photos that I like very much. I am wearing a ecological leather jacket, in a powdery pink, white jeans and a peplup top. Find links for the products below. Just click HERE!



Jacket/ HERE,






IMG_2561copy IMG_2543copy IMG_2525copy IMG_2523copy IMG_2514copy IMG_2453copy IMG_2413copy





P.s.Don’t forget to enter the contest , here. You can win a voucher of 400 Ron available on





A wonderful day!





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    Foarte dragut si fresh outfitul! Imi poti spune te rog ce marimi comanzi de obicei de pe sheinsine & romwe? am inteles ca de obicei fetele tind sa aiba nevoie de cel putin o marime in plus fata de cea pe care o poarta de obicei. Eu am 1,67 si 50 kg si cred tind spre un m (in functie de masuratorile de pe site) dar nu sunt sigura. Multumesc!

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