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The mornings smell of happiness….Hey there! We woke up craving something good to eat. And like everytime we want something sweet we make pancakes ,which are easy to make and delicious. I always look for the most simple and quick recipes, because the waiting time for the little ones, to be short, we all know how much “patience” they have…




IMG_4947 IMG_4944


Along the pancakes, a green smoothie,perfect after a long night. You will need :

  • baby spanache (a full hand ),
  • 4 ripe kiwi fruits,
  • 4 roles of pineapple and
  • 2 spoons of flax seeds.

Put all of them in the blender and add a glass of natural water.


Find the recipe for  pancakes  here.

It only takes about 20 minutes, trust me. It will come out around 15 pancakes.







Everything was captured to start a good morning on Instagram @ioanacarmen.

Hope you like it! Have a beautiful Sunday!

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