I love colors and I don’t know any passing to another season, that doesn’t include colors, but this time I chose a monochrome outfit : white,black & grey.A mixture of snake print for the acccessories and a silver necklace. Sometimes it is better to let the accessories to speak for themselves.

The oxford shoes are made in Romania, from leather and you can find them in different colors on their website  Garkony.





IMG_8669copy IMG_8664copyIMG_8599copy

IMG_8676copy IMG_8602copy



The ecological leather jacket is a new arrival in my dressing. Even though I didn’t needed one more, I can’t get enough of leather jacket, even if they are made from ecological or natural leather. Because it is a basic piece and it helps me to get out of trouble. This is how my day to day outfit looks, jeans, tops , jackets and accessories.


Which is your clothing piece that you can’t be without? Is it also a jacket leather or…?




Blouse/ H&M by Isabel Marant via Atlantica,


Shoes/ Garkony,


IMG_8597copy IMG_8591copy IMG_8588copy IMG_8586copy


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    What a great outfit! Full of basic colours, but yet it looks so elegant! 🙂 Btw. I’m learning Romanian as a hobby, so my next comment is probably going to be on Romanian, I hope that there’s not going to be a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes xD

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