It`s London baby!

I`m off to London for this weekend, it`s a present from my baby. I have 3 days to enjoy the Christmas feelings in this beautiful city and shop all the Christmas presents from there. It`s my first time there so it`s going to be crazy. Any traveling tips? Places to visit?
Mean while, check my instagram for more updates (@ioanacarmen) and my Facebook (here).
P.s. First thing I really have to buy is a beanie. I love them and they are so in these fall!

Dragii mei, pentru ca am fost cuminte in ultima perioada, Mosul s-a gandit sa vina mai repede la mine si sa ma trimita direct in Londra in acest sfarsit de saptamana. Am trei zile la dispozitie sa descopar o parte din frumusetile orasului, sa diger “galagia” strazilor si sa “fur” putin din stilul londonez. Eu fug sa-mi pregatesc bagajul! iar pentru updates stati cu ochii pe instagram (@ioanacarmen) si Facebook (aici).
P.s. Primul lucru pe lista de cumparaturi : caciula/palarie/fes. Priviti!

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    You will love it in London! In 3 days you just can’t see it all but if you love shopping and the weather is cold and rainy go to Westfiled shopping mall.
    Have a fabulous trip!

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    I love London, it’s my favorite city! I loved the Borough Market. They have lots of yummy food there. Regents Park is also absolutely gorgeous too. I haven’t been there in the winter time, only in the summer, but it’s lovely to walk in.

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    Buna, Ioana!

    De cateva saptamani imi tot repet ca trebuie sa iti spun cat de mult imi place sa iti vizitez blogul, mai ales acum seara, ascultand colindele lui Frank Sinatra pe fundal. Atitudinea ta pozitiva este contagioasa! Distractie maxima in Londra!


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    London is the place to be 🙂 If you’re going for the first time then I recommend you go ice skating at Somerset House (go in the evening as it’s just so beautiful then with all the lights)! You also must see Liberty — it’s such a treasure trove of gorgeousness — and walk around Hyde Park. Boba Jam bubble tea is a favourite of mine, oh and try Snog in Covent Garden too for more sweet treats 🙂 Harrods is worth a look around too. X

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