Limited Edition Beauty

TOP cute beauty products on SALE : brushes in dif colors like blue, pink, different colors palettes and the most chic accessories. Check them out….

Am gasit cele mai dragute pensule pentru make-up in diferite culori : roz, mov, albastru, negru.
Mi-am comandat si eu pe roz si pe mov, recunosc ca nu m-am putut abtine, doar sunt la reducere si au transport gratuit.

Professional blusher & foundation brush in different colors/Here
Cosmetic 5 pcs make-up brashes/Here

Nail art painting brushes set on white/ find them here

Different colors palettes/Here.
7 pcs Purple nail art design pen/Here
2 in 1 cosmetic pressed powder kit (white and soft orange)/Here.
And now, the jewelry (a small part of them, on sales
Now pick your favorites and let`s do some art. 
Find all the sales here.

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