Azi mi-am vopsit sprancenele.Da, singura, acasa! Momentan sprancenele mele sunt in faza de crestere, vreau sa le schimb forma, sa fie cat mai naturale asa ca stau cat mai departe de orice salon. Sa va spun cum fac. Aveti nevoie de vopsea de sprancene ( pe a mea scrie Profi Pil), oxidant ( eu am de la Kallos 6%) si cateva betisoare de urechi.Mixati putina vopsea si oxidant cu ajutorul unui betisor. Incep prin a aplica vopseaua cu ajutorul betisoarelor,eu am vopsea maro, este si neagra pentru persoane cu par mai inchis ,le las 3-4 minute ( voi puteti sa lasati vopseaua mai mult, in functie de cat de inchis vreti sa fie) si sterg cu o discheta. Voila!! Pozele sunt facut cu „Photo Booth” de aceea sunt putin intunecate. Ce ziceti?  Va place?
Today I painted my eyebrows.Yes, by myself!in this moment my eyebrows are in growth phase, want to change their shape, be more natural. Let me tell you how I do. You need eyebrows paint ( I use Profi Pil), oxidizing (Kallos 6%) and some ear sticks.Make a mix with the paint and oxidizing.I apply the paint on my eyebrows with a stick, let the paint for 3-4 minutes and and wipe with a floppy.Voila!!  I made some photos with Photo Booth. What do you say? Like it?

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    Superrr! Ce buna idee ai avut!si eu am brut sa incerc,am o prietena care se face singura,tot cu produsele astea, si e f practica.Cred ca mai complicate pana imi intru in mana :)) Ti-au iesit superrr,sunt naturale si arata f bine. pupiciii :*

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    Hi there,
    thank u so much for ur lovely comment and I think ur blog is adorable (and love that outfit in the post before)! I am definitely following u now! 🙂
    I´d be so happy if u have time to drop by my blog sometime again….love sharing ideas wiv other bloggers!
    And if u like what u see/read I´d love u to follow me back!

    Hope u have a fabulous day!

    xxx Lizzy from Fashion-BlaBla

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    wow…never heard of brow paint. Thanks for sharing, looks like I need a bottle for my sparse looking brows. You did a great job, I can’t tell it was painted.


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