Online editor, blogger, stylist, inspirational speaker, TV host and not in the end, mother and wife. I started online writing at the begining of 2012 and through the years,I had many collaborations with famous brand in the fashion and beauty industry  : Guess, FashionDays, Huawei, Dove, Vichy, Philips, Glamour Magazine, Untold Festival, Feeric Fashion Days and other big names in the fashion industry.

The year of 2015 was one full of surprizes, a year that also meant the starting of my career in television, as a host of Celebrity show, on LookTV.

Every project that I took part in, meant a challenge for me. I finished the Economics Science Faculty, bank-finances and I have a Master in Accounting and Audit Expertise. I worked enough years in this field to realise that this job isn’t for me. Finally, the only thing that I can say is that if you do everything with passion, you don’t feel like working. And this is what I am doing, everyday, I take advantage of every opportunity that I encounter and I always learn something that will help me achieve what I dream. For me, the biggest bet in life is to pass the limits inside of me. What is the bet you put with your life?