Un bicchiere di vino rosso, per favore! Day II MFW


Day II. Can I move here? Well, in Milan,you can find beautiful locations on every corner, an interesting iron gate , a white building with imposing windows, crystal details built on metallic or marble stairs sweetened with flowers. Even the light is different… So, as the sun is up, I chose to wear my new over the knee boots, a skirt and this amazing tomboy coat from Raquette. You can shop the boots here.

First place to be, Santoni showroom.

” Italian footwear label Santoni has tapped Olivier Zahm to shoot ten portraits of Caroline Vreeland which will be unveiled on Thursday at Milan’s Palazzo Bocconi, where the brand will host its fall presentation.

In the pictures, Vreeland, a singer and great-granddaughter of Diana Vreeland, will interpret the character of iconic actress Marlene Dietrich.”


Next shows: Anteprima (“the chic of her clothes sneaks up on you — like a sleeveless and knitted navy tunic with sailor buttons framing the shoulders, teamed with white culottes. Or a black V-neck sweatshirt and pants piped in bands of optic white. The lame pussy-bow blouses, filmy shirtdresses and sparkly palazzo pants had a tinge of Seventies — just the right amount. .” wwd.com), Cristiano Burani (“The invitation to Cristiano Burani’s fall fashion show featured a print blending tiger heads and red roses. The collection itself included outfits like razor-pleated Lurex or leather skirts, with accessories such as fur-covered clogs and belts with metallic lion-head clasps.” wwd.com), Byblos and we ended the evening at the Tak Ori showroom , at the Grand Hotel et de Milan.

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Photo credit : Sergiu Negrean (Pixel Battalion)

Ionut Codrea,

Edit : by me.




I slept so badly while I was there. Thus, every evening, a hot bath and tea were the perfect remedy for my insomnia. So now, it’s time for me to recover. Today I’m going to shot a short spot for ‘The Woman‘ and after that I’m seeing Sandra for lunch and a quick shooting. It’s Friday, that means the weekend begins. Any plans?








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