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A Supermoon is a full Moon or a new Moon at its closest point to Earth; also called perigee. We had supermoon yesterday, 9th March. The term supermoon denotes a new or full moon that occurs at roughly the same time the moon is nearest Earth in its monthly orbit. 

The phenomenon occurs once a month and is said that symbolizes harmony in the state of nature sinking to find a moment of rest. They also say that it can change the destiny of people, starting a love story, a new journey or a new business. Sounds interesting and mysterious at the same time. I do not know if you believe in such things and signs, but sometimes believing in something is exactly what you need!

I made all day pictures with Flavius ​​Fulea yesterday. I invite you to see a part of them here (@IoanaCarmen) and the rest of them soon on the blog.

I’m getting ready for ‘The Woman’ conference. And this year, I have the honor to hand out an award, The Woman Entrepreneurship Award: Business Woman of the Year. So happy & proud!






IMG_1493  IMG_1520

IMG_1525 IMG_1503

IMG_1527 IMG_1493

Today I’m wearing my new multicolored coat (online here), perfect for spring days, high tailored jeans and the most comfy shoes from Il Passo. Find them online, here.

Done guys, I’m off to conference. You can follow the conference live on my pieces Snapchat (Ioana.Chisiu).
Have a wonderful day!

Yours truly,

IMG_1523 IMG_1518



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