#FollowMeTo Milano Day III



Day III. It’s past 11:00 A.M. and I am still in the hotel room. It’s our free day so I had plenty of time to get ready for a full day as a tourist. In my room smells like Tom Ford – Black Orchid. On the table you can find some fashion shows invitations, two hats, the TV remote and a few bottles of water. I’m wearing my new Concepto jacket and metallic trousers. I wanted to wear these trousers in a totally different combination, but considering the weather, I stick to a casual outfit. I’m a tourist for a few hours today, which leads me to my shopping list drawn at home: some gifts for Maia, Rai & Nick and sweets for friends. Not many, I’m already limited with my baggage. I know that I can’t buy anything for me, but we all know that’s not going to happen …







100A9500 100A9509 100A9515 100A9537 100A9550   100A9562




You can shop my Yves Sain Laurent little black bag on SALE, here.


Photo credit : Sergiu Negrean (PixelBattalion), edit by me.

P.S. Below are a few items I picked for you. I love metallic items, it looks great in any situation. Click on the picture to reach the site (P.S. many of them are on sale!).


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      Chiar imi doream o combinatie mai atipica, diferita de ceea ce purtam zilnic (ma refer la jeansi). Am fost inspirata sa pun in bagaj si aceasta pereche de pantaloni 🙂 ma bucur ca iti plaCe! kisses

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