First day at Milano Fashion Week

Good morning! I am in  ‘Teatro alla Scala’ coffee shop, in the heart of the city. I had time this morning to enjoy a free hour, surrounded by paintings and sketches of Duomo, old wine bottles and coffee.

Outside, a dozens of people with umbrellas are waiting at the pedestrian crossing in front of the café. It’s raining at the moment and there are somewhere around 4 degrees Celsius. I’m wearing a pair of faux leather pants, green army jacket and striped shoes from Garkony. On my shoulders it’s my new rose quartz coat, from Raquette. It’s the warmest fashion item that I brought with me. People are loudly talking around me in italian. I understand everything, but when the time comes to talk, I get stuck. It seems that my  2-years of italian lessons during college, are not helping me at all. Returning to fashion week, it’s time to show you what I wore on the first day at MFW (Milan Fashion Week). In case you have not already seen the pictures on social networks, the first day in Milan was so beautiful, becoming the only day I could wear an all white outfit, accessorised with a faux fur scarf signed Concepto and Mango bag. And the most comfortable shoes I’ll ever have,nude IlPassoSo, if you’re looking to make an investment this season, or spring cleaning is on your horizon, here’s a pair that you should buy (click here). 

100A9211 100A9224 100A9213 100A9222

The first show that we reached was Kristina Ti, after that wet ran to Brunello Cucinelli showroom and we ended the evening at Cinzia Rocca.

Kristina Ti.


Brunello Cucinelli. 

brunello-cucinelli-spring-2016-rtw-01 brunello-cucinelli-spring-2016-rtw-29

Cinzia Rocca.


Photo credit : Vogue & Cinzia Rocca.


Update. So much fashion, so little time…That’s why I ended up writing this post from my bed, in Cluj. Forgive me, but I was so tired every night I stayed there. I really need to thank  ZTOUR and my team, Celebrity! It was amazing, for real!

I started the week in force, filming a little something for you, but I’m back here, day by day, with so many news. Yours,


100A9220 100A9223

Photo credit : Sergiu Negrean (Pixel Battalion).

Edit : by me.

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