It’s time for Milano Fashion Week

I’m above the clouds. I swear there is no other view more beautiful than this. The sky is blue and it get lost under a layer of fluffy clouds. Clouds resembling cotton candy. I’m on Alitalia board with my “Celebrity” team and I’m drinking a glass of dry red wine. It’s never too early for a glass of red wine. Well anyway it’s past noon and I must get in shape after 4 hours in Otopeni airport. Next on my agenda, 7 days at Milan Fashion Week. My luggage was the most ‘interesting’ thing this morning, cause it has no more and no less than 31 kg. That means I had to pay extra for this (like 100 Euros). They should know that only shoes and bags weigh at least 15 kg, for real!

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I know I promised to talk about my detox program that I held last week and it got a little delayed, but I try to write everything from here. Meanwhile, one of the flight attendants asks me if I want another glass of wine. And I thank him politely saying no this time, it’s just at midday.


Update. I told that my luggage baggage weighs 31 kg, right? Good luck with the gentleman, let’s call it X, who expect us at the airport and helped me. We’re staying at DaVinci Hotel. As I expected, the hotel has exhibited works of the famous painter in every corner. It’s beautiful!



IMG_1061 IMG_1063 IMG_1064 IMG_1067 IMG_1071 IMG_1075 IMG_1086


My room is huge, which is why I arranged my shoes, handbags and accessories through every corner. Of course, I shot everything on my account Snapchat ioana.chisiu. And there will wait for you more updates. I have to get ready, I’m out for dinner!

Kisses & hugs!

P.S. Today I wore a baby pink coat from Maison Raquette and shoes from Garkony. Super comfy and convenient, how could I survive otherwise?

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