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We are getting ready for a new event ‘The Woman’ in Cluj. Every year I stood by Libero Events team (the team that is behind organizing this conference) and I saw how through hard work and efforts have come to build one of the most anticipated events in Cluj. Every year, they surprised us with interesting speakers, new ideas and with many surprises.

Neither this year’s edition does not let outdone: Maia Morgenstern, Ingrid Vlasov, Daniela budur, Raluca Michailov, Cristina Savu, Maria Oana, Marinescu Metz, a few names of speakers who will be present this edition.


Actress Maia Morgenstern, director of the Hebrew State Theatre.

Born on the first day of May 1962, Romanian actress known Hebrew origin, graduated from the Academy of Drama and Film in 1985. The next three years he played at the Youth Theatre in Piatra Neamt, but in 1983 entered the world film.

He collaborated with theater and film personalities from home and abroad. We can see her in the movies, main or secondary characters giving life as a secret Bacchus, Balance, The Most Beloved of Earthlings, Orient Express, The Passion of the Christ, Le fin du silence, The Secret of Polichinelle, Miss Christina.

Since 2012 is director of the Hebrew State Theatre, a unique place in Bucharest and European theatrical landscape, where specifics of Yiddish, Hebrew tradition are preserved and carried forward through culture and drama.

Maia Morgenstern speaker The Woman 2016



Daniela Budur  Country Director of Western Union for Romania and Bulgaria since June 2014. She returns as the leader of Western Union business operations in the markets of Romania and Bulgaria after over two years of coordinated networks segment postal agents on Central Europe and Eastern and Southern Europe.


Daniela Budur coordinates the company’s operations in Romania and Bulgaria and has primary responsibility for the further expansion of the network of agent locations in the region and diversify further mix of channels through which consumers access to Western Union, focusing on electronic channels.

Daniela Budur graduated an Executive MBA from Vienna University of Economics and Business Faculty of Economics and graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.


Daniela Budurea Speaker The Woman 2016




Oana Marinescu  Founder & Managing Director OMA Vision, is known for public functions of Head of Communications and Competition George Enescu Festival in Bucharest, State Secretary and Spokesperson of the Government (2005-2007).

Oana Marinescu Speaker The Woman 2016



Last year, the conference brought together over 300 women. I have to admit, honestly that I had a wonderful day, being surrounded by so many women with amazing life storie. I learned a lot and I somehow motivated myself to work harder.

This edition, the event will include the Awards Gala The Woman that will recognize and promote actions that help women in the community. You can register here.

Until 16 February, you can take advantage of a discount of 10% of the ticket using the code THEW10IC in the application form, at the partner code.

Read more about the event HERE.


Picture : Flavius Fulea.

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