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After a full weekend with my parents here (you know what that means, right? Stuffed cabbage, pancakes, baked yummy stuff ..) I’m back at work. This year, Valentine’s Day caught us at Gandhi, an Indian restaurant, newly opened in Cluj. Of course we couldn’t eat anything, it was practically impossible after our noon meal had, but I enjoyed (to understand ‘smelled’) full of local flavors, with a glass of white wine. We ended the evening with a short walk in Central Park searching for popcorn, which eventually was turned into kürtőskalács.

Today, I’m wearing my new faux fur coat, in black and white, still on sale (check it HERE), white jeans and sweater, with silver accessories, my new watch from B & B Collection and real leather shoes, extremely comfortable and easy. You can find them in various shades here.


So, what about you? How was your Valentine’s Day?






IMG_0148 IMG_0156 IMG_0166 IMG_0174 IMG_0177 IMG_0182




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