C&A SS16 collection #Bucharest

Good morning! A million kisses woke me up today, early, but truthfully, I didn’t mind. My girls asked if they could skip kindergarten today, just so they can spend the day with me. Don’t get me wrong, I was gone for a little over 24hrs, but they go through this phase now when they want to be around “mommy’s skirt” constantly. And I’m not complaining! My heart just fills up with joy; there is no bigger happiness than the love and attention of your own little babies (even though they’re not babies anymore). 

Coffee, breakfast with my two love bugs and after that we start preparing for a full day, meetings, shootings, recordings, etc. I will tell you more about it in the next few days. I do want to remind you that Celebrity Season 7 started already, on LookTV, every Thursday from 9pm. I am very proud and happy to be at my second season already! There are tons of surprises for this new season, but I will reveal more later on… 

Meanwhile…. We got back a few nights ago from Bucharest, after an 8hrs marathon of running around in Bucharest. We got to the hotel at 3pm and three hours later we were already at the AnaArt Gallery for the debut of the new C&A Spring-Summer collection. 

 12654504_979188458802729_1507873765594411867_n (1) 12644734_979190765469165_3459393716016263571_n (1) 12642449_979181198803455_4370643527119075636_n (1) 12594009_979181378803437_2027485314851398776_o (1)



Gorgeous pieces throughout the whole collection, you can see that from the pictures. I decided to wear a dress (you can find it here), over a pair of River Island pants, silver accessories and Choies booties. 

We wrapped up the night at E3ntourage, with a glass of prosecco on the house. The next day we paid a visit to DivaCharms showroom, where we tried on the new collection (you can see the pictures on Instagram). From there we went to Gabriela’s showroom (SweetPaprika). The welcoming was done by the cutest little boy, Erik, and some delicious apple cider. We barely got to eat at 5pm, we were all starving; no better place to eat than Vivo Fusion

1935027_1128745423811579_2823299214376683860_n 12592761_1128724163813705_7295501198029829783_n 12654668_1128759593810162_2053973110465413293_n

We talked and laughed the whole way home. It was a short trip, nut nonetheless eventful and full of adventures. 

I hope you guys had a great relaxing weekend, full of love and comfort! 

C&A SS16 Event pictures HERE,

Pictures :  Magda Gheorghe

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