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XXL coats are the new trend. I got that confirmed in a fashion magazine yesterday and it reminded me of this military coat that I’ve owned for 3 years already. Now back in style and I can put it to good use. It’s warm and cozy and it goes with everything, jeans, dresses, skirts, over the knee boots or booties.

As an update to what happens in my life, yesterday I gad an appointment with my ophthalmologist and I renewed the prescription for my glass. I can finally see perfectly and it feels amazing! Maybe you saw it on snapchat. And if you don’t have ‘snapchat’ you’d better download it quickly because it’s very cool and everything happens in real time. The best part is that you can’t edit your  picture / video. My id is ioana.chisiu. Come, join me there!







IMG_9731 IMG_9741 IMG_9750 IMG_9754  IMG_9767 IMG_9777 IMG_9781 IMG_9783c



What am I wearing?

The coat is ordered online from Shein, you can find here. Find the hat here, jeans here & top here.

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