On my wishlist


I know how much you love this type of articles’ on my wishlist “, so today I’ve prepared for you a long list. From the popular ‘little black dress’ to eccentric accessories and dresses. You can find some of the items on discount (yes, still take advantage of discounts up to beginning of February). Let’s see…






When it comes to accessories, I have to admit that I don’t have preferences, silver, gold, with or without print, I love all of them!  Here is my list : a straw hat, a western belt (real leather), animal print frame glasses, a phone case with a cute message ‘You’re my favourite’ (can be considered a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day, right?) and many more. Just take a look here :





And the last part, a few pieces of resistance. A black dress, red bodycon lace dress, a nude coat (classy & chic), a skater dress , which goes perfectly with a pair of biker boots or a pair of stiletto shoes and a long nude jacket, perfect for spring.



What’s on your wishlist?


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