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I am really in a hurry today. I just want to show you the photos I made yesterday, in a gorgeous location, Sun Garden Resort. One of the most beautiful places in Cluj, and the people who went there, I am sure that they agree with me. I also made a short video. Actually, Flavius, did. He is the talented man behind these photos. It was a long day, but, in the end, we had a great time, we made photos with many outfits and we returned home in rap & R’n’B rythms (50 Cent rocks).




IMG_4889c IMG_4896c IMG_4920c IMG_5052c IMG_5073c





I also want to tell you that in these photos I’m wearing a black velvet jumpsuit, with little gold and silver applications. The safe option for the Christmas night or New Year’s Eve. Black is classic & chic in the same time.Why a jumpsuit? Because it’s the most comfortable version of the dress, because it hides some parts of the body that you don’t want to show, because most of the time it’s more sexy than any other outfit, because it’s mysterious and it helps us get rid of the untanned legs stress. It is signed by Visit their website, they have very many types of products, perfect for the holidays and more than that, they can design items suited to your sizes.




IMG_5155c IMG_5063c


IMG_4899c IMG_5180c IMG_5172c


IMG_5057c IMG_5180c




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