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Ever since I set up to start the “Mother and daughters” series, something came up. Don’t get me wrong, we are the kind of parents that always spend time with the girls, going out in the city, in the park, or to eat cookies and so on. It just wasn’t the right moment, most of the time. Who is a parent, understands it very well: that moment when the children get their pants dirty, after a run, the moment when they cry unstoppable, and even more, the moment when they are grumpy because you didn’t buy ‘some-Elsa-Ana-thing’ or a bag of sweets. Eventually , in a cold December morning, we decided to go together to buy the girls, ski suits. We stopped downtown and made some pictures. Really just some pictures because they were running around and we couldn’t stop them. Well, ‘kids are like butterflies…’, says a quote.


IMG_0987c IMG_1045c


IMG_1090c IMG_1098c




In the photos we all wore C&A. A powdered pink coat, prewashed jeans, hat with fluffy pom pom for me and the girls, sweaters, pants, winter coats and jeans. We promised ourselves to make more pictures like these. I hope we can do that. Keep your fingers crossed,it is really an adventure!





IMG_1105c IMG_1122 IMG_1127



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