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I searched for a pair of pants that look like metallic skin, with low waist and side pockets for years. Finally, I found them online, when I least expected. They are a little bit big for me, so I am wearing them with a waist belt (I guess I needed a smaller size, 34 actually).

This kind of pants are perfect for parties, and even for New Year’s Eve, in case you want to wear something more comfortable. Comfortable and fabulous, let’s be clear! For me, it was an option at a surtain point, but meanwhile I bought, also online, some dresses. I am waiting for my order to arrive and after that I will decide what am I going to wear on the night between the years. Oh, I forgot to mention, you can find the pants, HERE.




IMG_8258 IMG_8281 IMG_8285





I wore them at a party, Friday night, with a black body and Guess shoes. In case you didn’t ordered from Asos, before, I just want to tell you that the shipping is free and you don’t have to pay other taxes. The shopping products have to be paid online, with the card, and the packages arrive at the post, or most of the time, at home.

I have written about online shopping, before, on the blog, but if you want more informations or you want to ask me more about this topic,please write me here in a comment and I will try to answer you all!








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