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I don’t know about you, but we had a very busy weekend,with home made burgers in the evening,Scrabble until midnight, Gramma wine, photos at 2 degrees, coffee at Meron, pizza on Sunday and ‘Homeland’. I wore this jacket so many times and I didn’t had the chance to upload the photos on the blog and meanwhile the jacket became sold out. You can find something similar  here and here. A little bit thicker because of the cold season in which we are. The bag is ordered from River Island and the  pom pom is attached separately.




IMG_7412c IMG_7394c IMG_7420c IMG_7388c IMG_7417c IMG_7371c IMG_7360c





It was time to take the black boots for a walk.I have them for 2 years now, on two shades, black and grey. They were sitting hidden in a big box, behind the other dozens of shoes. They were bought online,with free delivery , from here.

Today we have a meeting with the team from Philips. A girls meeting, with closed guest list, the special guest being  fiind Laura Cosoi. I asked you a question (challenge, to be more accurate), and 3 of you will be with us,tonight, to be exact : Andra Podoaba, Cioban Adriana si Pop Sara.

Thank you girls, you helped me a lot. See you at 5:30 pm, at  Nuka Bistro, in Union Square, nr 16.I can’t wait to meet you!






IMG_7361c IMG_7370c IMG_7357c IMG_7361cc IMG_7399c IMG_7382c




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