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‘It’s raining at Cluj…’ ,I could start the article this way, but it would be another introduction in which I would present the weather forecast. So, I will start with greeting, Welcome to the new website Ioana Chisiu. Simple and clean. Because we needed a change and because it’s December, the last of this year, it’s just right for surprizes.

A surprize which I hope you will like. I made some little adjustements to the website, the pictures are bigger, you can easily find me on all the social media networks (see the border in the right top corner, or much easier, search Ioana Chisiu) and we have the rubric in English, for our international readers.

I really like working with Nick, he inspires me and makes me want more each time we have a conversation. This is why, he is responsible for any change that is needed at the website. I hope you like it, as much as we do. And I also hope that you find usefull the changes, you can see at the end of every article a new series of related or similar clothing items that I wear in the pictures. Click on them to go to the source, from where you can purchase them.









I hope you also like the last photo shoot. Despite of the fact that I wanted the center piece to be the jacket, it clearly didn’t happen that. The beautiful horse is without a doubt the focus point ot this shooting. Although I was a little bit nervous about the idea at the begining, don’t get me wrong, but the horse was over 6 feet and about 1100 pounds, but to the end of the shootin, we became best friends. I promised myself to go and visit him, soon, but not alone, with the girls, probably to a riding course. It’s very close to us.

We are at home with the girls. We made them come with us  to take some pictures, and of course, like all the times, they were very happy about this. I will show you soon, what was the result. We arrived home and started cooking, The house smells of spices and cinnamon. It really feels that the Winter Holidays are approaching fast!








Photos : Flavius Fulea,

Edit : me.


Kisses & hugs,



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    Minunate fotografii, atata eleganta ! Ma bucur tare mult ca ai lasat blogul si in romana, fiind disponibila schimbarea limbii si nu nu mai atat, ci si faptul ca engleza nu alterneaza cu romana in cadrul articolelor.

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    Bună, Ioana!
    Felicitări pentru noul aspect al site-ului.
    Sunt alături de tine încă de la început şi mă bucur să vad cât de frumos ai crescut şi evoluat, alături de tine am crescut şi noi – mica ta comunitate.
    Îţi mulţumesc pentru inspiraţie.

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