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Today is Thursday which means that we’ll meet tonight at Celebrity,from 9 pm. I wanted to tell you a little bit more about Celebrity and how I ended up here. Many of you probably ask that. I don’t know if you remember but for the last few years I was invited at the show. I went everytime because you know how much I like challenges. A new domain, interesting subjects and a good mood. This is what  Celebrity  means for me.I say that it means because at that time I was just a guest. For the past two months I am a fully member of the team.

A day on the filming sets of LookTV.


Cornel starts with the usual thanks, Koncepto Boutique for the beautiful set and  Magnolia Flower shop for the beautiful flowers. Without them the set would not be so animated, colored and fabolous in the same time. On the table are some magazines: Vogue Paris, ELLE, Glamour, inStyle. The subjects we talk about are established a few days ealier. It was crazy on set before the filming begins. Lights everywhere, cameras, chairs that need to be set on the same spot everytime. Let’s not forget about ‘FashionBox’ our gift for you at the end of each show.

The filming begins in 3,2,1 ….


I told you earlier some things about Cornel,he is the one that starts  Celebrity evening, after that we begin our role,me, Ane and Anda. The team is great! I want to thank you that you believed in me from the first show and supported me both spiritual and moral!It meant a lot for me!

I know that I still have a lot to learn but I really like what I am doing! I have so many surprizes for you but all at the right time. I thought that you would like to see what happens behind the camers because there is so much life going around the set. There are so many people working for the show and I am not reffering to us , the ones that appear on the glass. Let me introduce some of them to you!




IMG_6355 IMG_6360 IMG_6363

IMG_6347 IMG_6344 IMG_6401



We are with you every Thursday night, begining at 9 pm, with many new subjects and interesting prizes. If you have any suggestions and ideas, I am all ears!I always said that if you guys weren’t by my side, I would have not been here! And for that I thank you!

That’s it! I am off to the set!


P.s. More scenes from the show you can find on  LookTV, click here.



IMG_6365 IMG_6366 IMG_6371 IMG_6375 IMG_6385 IMG_6391

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    Hehe, good luck! Dai tare bine pe sticla si sunteti simpatici cu totii :). Ioana look-ul asta este my all time favourite de la tine,sa stii, iti vine de minune 🙂 pupici

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