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Tha’s it, we went to Vienna too.It was a  short but beautiful visit. 2 days in which we managed to visit more attraction points that we initially proposed to.After a 8 hours road trip ( the customs  was blocked, most likely because of the immigrants. Dozens of kilometers of stationary cars on the highway. We entered Austria from Bratislava), we arrived at  Geblergasse street, where the hotel was situated. Saturday was a rainy day, but that didn’t stopped us to go out right after we checked in, on  the narrow streets of Vienna.We let ourselves carried away on these streets for quite a while. We arrived to Centimeter, a well-known pub around there. This is what a meal looks like at  Centimeter :


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I wore :

Jeansi skinny ordered  online (here),a printed t-shirt (here), jacket (here) and shoes (here).

We decided to don’t get a subway card. How else could we get to know the city better, if not by foot?!? So, Sunday morning, after a coffee and some croissants in the hallway of the hotel, we went to the streets of Vienna.

An intriguing  mixture of contemporary and classic culture hits you when you go out in the street.Posters of  Mozart at each step, elegant horse carriages, relaxed people that stop on the teracces for a beer or a spritz. We headed tot the Hofburg Palace, atfer that at Schönbrunn and we ended the day at  Medusa Restaurant & Club. We proposed ourselves to go to many other places, but after 25 of kilometers made by foot, we decided that it was enough and we called for an Uber,while we served a glass of wine.



IMG_9353c IMG_9355c IMG_9366c IMG_9367c IMG_9370co IMG_9380copy IMG_9381c IMG_9390c IMG_9392c


IMG_9339c IMG_9369co IMG_9374copy



I don’t know how many of you visited Vienna, but if you didn’t get to there yet, I strongly recommend that you do that!We arrived  home after a few hours and finally I got to the computer in order to write you how it was.I am so glad to see you again here. We’ll also meet tomorrow, the series continues!



IMG_9397c IMG_9401c IMG_9403co IMG_9408c IMG_9425c IMG_9443c IMG_9449c IMG_9452c IMG_9455c



I wore :

Jacheta Segmenti di Moda (here), jeans from Zara, boots (here) and a Rena backpack.

P.s. In case you arrive in Vienna, I recommend you to put in your luggage at least one thick jacket. 🙂


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  1. 1

    Absolut superba Viena. Este orasul meu de suflet, orasul in care mi-am intalnit marea iubire si orasul in care am fost ceruta in casatorie.
    Palatul Schönbrunn este preferatul meu, iar gradina zoo de acolo este una dintre cele mai frumoase.

  2. 4

    Am ajuns la Viena intr-o iarna, cand temperatura resimtita a fost de -25 grade pe parcursul celor cinci zile de concediu. Desi a fost frig, am vizitat destul de mult si m-am bucurat ca am ajuns acolo. Am adaugat Viena pe lista locurilor de vizitat din nou, caci sunt sigura ca se poate mai bine decat atunci.

  3. 6
  4. 7

    Buna!Imi place tare mult tricoul tau cel cu ochi si buze si m-am gandit sa il comand si eu.Cat ai platit transportul?Multumesc!O zi frumoasa iti doresc

  5. 9

    Locuiesc in Viena de doi ani , deși am si alte orașe preferate , Viena este si va rămâne a doua mea casa .
    Încerca sa ajungi aici înaintea sărbătorilor de iarna si vizitează Rathaus platz unde este Christkindel Markt ( târg de Craciun ) , este superb, si cu siguranța vei simți Crăciunul ca si in copilărie . ( la mine cel putin așa a fost ) ;
    Mult succes in continuare !

  6. 11

    Pluralul substantivului “croasant” este “croasanti”, potrivit DOOM. De asemenea timpul verbal “vroiam” nu exista. Poti folosi “voiam” sau “vream”. Acorda mai multa atentie limbii romane. O zi frumoasa!

  7. 12
  8. 14

    Un alt loc care nu trebuie ratat cand mergi la Viena este Kahlenberg, Viena se vede superb de acolo de sus. Iar oraselul Grinzing, cu al lui stradute inguste, este superb.
    Noi am coborat pe jos de la Cobenzl pana in Grinzing iar peisajul este superb.

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