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Back to school! Yeah, ‘School is cool’ or at least it can be . I reminded about school because it is September and we all know that this month marks the beginging of a new school year. Oh, and the boots, a new acquisition from Deichmann! It always really saved me, in highschool and also in the university.They go with anything,from jeans, dresses & skirts, they are very comfortable because of the platform, even if the heels has some 8 cm, the give the impression of really long legs. I am NOT joking, look for yourselves! Enjoy!





IMG_9272 IMG_9275copyIMG_9300





SHOP my outfit :


Top & Sunglasses/Stradivarius,


Bag/ Marc Jacobs on SALE 50% off HERE.



IMG_9277copy IMG_9287


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