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Greetings! I was missing yesterday from here because of the meetings and the filming. I had a meeting with the Celebrity team and we talked about some new colaborations and also about my heading in the show. The heading in which I thought to adress subjects that you find interesting : the life of a blogger, the dressing of  a glogger, small interviews,  tips & tricks,  some trends of the new season and so on, any subject in which are you interested. So I expect some proposals. How cool is that?

Meanwhile , these days the temperature was a little bit lower , the days became shorter, the nights longer, and the mornings harder….At least for me. The over the knee boots are without a doubt one of the must-have pieces of the season, so if you don’t have them in your closer, it is time to buy them. My proposal to you is a pair of over the knee boots made from ecological leather, at sale, with free delivery. You can find them here.




IMG_5271c IMG_5288c IMG_5295c IMG_5300c IMG_5305c



Over the knee boots/HERE,


Hat (similar)/HERE,




IMG_5276c IMG_5270c IMG_5280c



The dress is from  FrontRowShop an online store with high quality products. Here are some other models that attracted my attention.




Top/HERE, Dress/HERE, Jacket/HERE.





P.s Tomorrow we are going to Eros Ramazzotti’s concert! I want to thank all of you that subscribed to the contest and for the beautiful messages that you wrote me. You are wonderful, all of you and you all deserve a ticket to the conert. Unfortunately I have on one invitation (double , as I said before in the post about the concert), and the invitation goes to Nistor Roxana ! May you always cherish your love!



“Eros….Where should I begin?!…I remember all the morning spent in the same coffee in which I met my better half.Every morning (he being the bartender), when he arrived, he would play Eros’s music and he would make a coffee for the both of us. We would sit for hours and talk about anything,everything and we didn’t realized that Eros was the witness of a story that will become a love story.  After that, we gave the biggest concerts in the car, listening to his music and Eros made us remember how it feels to have butterflies in the stomach…. I adore the mornings when he takes the shower and from the other rooms you can hear the songs of  Eros singing from his phone….he always makes me smile.There are so many things that I can’t express with words…..Our favourite song is Cosas de la Vida  and I am sure that this will make him so much happier than every other material gift , to go to the song and riminsce all the emotions from our first dates, the first stories we shared and the first adventures that we experienced together. In September we celebrate a beautiful aniversary in our relationship and I also wish you many many years together and enjoy your wonderful girls and this great concert. I send you my affection and kisess, Roxana “

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    Hey! Iti multumesc din tot sufletul pentru invitatie…..Nu ai idee cat de tare ma bucur ca am castigat.Mi-ai facut ziua mai frumoasa.Te pup si iti multumesc inca o data . :*

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    iti urmaresc pagina in liniste, azi sunt foarte curioasa de cizme… Eu de obicei nu cumpar de pe site’urile ce le pui tu pentru ca nu sunt convinsa de calitatea materialelor ( de 2 ori am cumparat in afara obiceiurilor mele si de 2 ori am aruncat produsele, din cauza mirosului si a calitatii produsului). Cizmele iti stau foarte bine, esti multumita de pret-produs?

    • 12

      Buna Diana, si eu am patit asa la inceput, cumparam online si nu imierau bune marimile sau calitatea produselor lasa de dorit, dar m-am invatat ce sa comand, in cele din urma 🙂 sa stii ca cizmele arata foarte bine si chiar merita! kisses

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