Culottes or skirt pants



Culottes or the clothing piece that combines the both base items that is found in every active woman’s wardrobe : skirt and pants. I didn’t liked them when they appeared and I could have swore that I will never wore something like that but  I have learned to love them. Let’s say that you bought a pair of  culottes. What is next? Surely you ask yourself if you can wear them at the office or at a cocktail, aniversary and so on?

We have to start with the idea that this clothing piece  called cullotes , can be combined with almost anything. Starting with the blazer, leather jacket, high heels or classic sneakers. From your boyfriend’s T-shirt and his office shirt, from loose sweaters to striped tops. You have to feel comfortable when you wear them.   And from the moment you bought a pair of cullotes, be sure that you will wear them!Let me show you how I wore this piece of clothing.



IMG_4854c IMG_4858c IMG_4871c IMG_4881cIMG_4892




Culottes/Roberta Biagi,



Sandals (similar)/HERE.







And if I didn’t convinced you to have at least a piece of cullotes, then let me show you some other pictures. The international street style is full of this kind of pictures. I founded these on Pinterest.



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So? Did I convinced you?




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