This summer I want….





This summer I want:

– to explore the city. Definitely, Cluj hides streets, museums and squares that I don’t know.

-do something for my soul,

-read more ,

– excercise more,

– learn something new,

– organize a Garage Sale with summer clothes,

– to go on a two wheels trip,

– to make a photo album,

– to catch a sunrise, preferably at the seaside,

– to try a extrem sport,

– to do some volunteering,

– to swim with the dolphinsi,

– to sleep outdoor, under the sky,

– to dance in the rain,

– to run with Maia & Rai at Color Run (Saturday the 13th of June!!),

– to go with friends to  karaoke,

– to paint,

– to adopt a pet,

– to go to at least one festival,

– to donate blood,

– to redecorate the girl’s room, and a wall to be written/painted by them,

– to spend a quite afternoon  in the Central Park, accompanied by my magazines , ELLE, GLAMOUR ( in the way #supersized), VIVA! and to drink a glass of champagne, without having to worry about the next day, for at least a hour!




What do you want to do this summer?



IMG_1508copy IMG_1511copy IMG_1516copy IMG_1529copyIMG_1538copy




Hat/Local store. 

IMG_1546copy IMG_1544copyIMG_1534copy IMG_1518copy IMG_1513copy IMG_1506copy

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    Ioana ești ca un fulg, arăți minunat! Vara asta îmi doresc cam multe, ca în fiecare vară din câte observ…sport,redecorat , Untold, descoperit locuri noi …și lista mea cred că poate continua la nesfârșit. Daaar, o vacanță undeva la mare e un must, altfel nu are farmec vara…zic! Have a great summer, hugs!

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    Vara asta vrei sa stai degeaba ca si asa nu faci nimic bun,esti o nevasta intretinuta si cam atat!Si acum hai sa pozam in mamica dedicata copiiilor ei care ii ia in concedii ca si asa te critica lumea ca nu le-ai cumparat nimic de la Paris dar ti-ai pozat cornurile si prajiturile.Doamne ce snoaba esti!

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    Chestiunea cu donatul de sânge nu va iesi 🙁 Si eu am frustrarea ca nu pot dona pt ca nu ma încadrez cu greutatea si.. bănuiesc ca nici tu :/

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