Turtle neck top & denim shorts



Hey there,beautiful people! I returned with a new outfit. Initially I wore a shirt in combination with the jeans, but it was so cald yesterday outside, that I changed it. I went yesterday to put the eyelash extentions, this time a 3 D one. You can cleary see the result and take notice that I am not wearing any mascara. I actually don’t need any eye make-up because of the extentions. The foundation and the blush are enough.

The jeans are DIY (do it yourself). If you have old jeans that you don’t wear anymore, this is the time to transform them into a very usefull item of clothing for this season. Mark the lines with a charcoal, it is the easiest way.



IMG_1865copy IMG_1891copyIMG_1900copy IMG_1912copy IMG_1921copy



The backpack is made from natural leather and you can find it online on Rena.ro.and the gladiator sandals are custom made. I left you below, two links where you can find similar ones.  Click  ‘HERE’ to go there :

Turtle neck top/HERE,


Sandals similar HERE & HERE.



IMG_1932copy IMG_1915copy IMG_1910copyIMG_1890copyIMG_1872copy IMG_1865copy




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