The Color Run Romania #cluj


Color Run Romania also known as “Happiest 5km on the planet” , an euphoric colored race.

Tomorrow, the 13th of July, in the Unirii Square from  Cluj – Napoca, over  2500 of people that are running to celebrate health, joy and originality.

I am not a big fan of athletics and resistence is not my powerfull point when it comes to sports,but the fact that Color Run is not a competition but more a marathon of joy and colors, make me participate each ear. With every kilometer that you run, you get a wave of colors. The culminating point is at the end, when we’ll glow more than ever, literally, after the glitter wave.



The Color Run Bucuresti 2015 (2) The Color Run Cluj-Napoca 2014 (1)



The schedule for Saturday:


Date: 13th  iunie 2015

The starting point, finish and festival: Unirii Square from Cluj-Napoca

The starting point, finish and festival will be restricted, and the acces in the area will be possible only with the acces bracelet.

15:00 – The arrival of the participants
17:00 – First start
it will be more than one start, so in each starting point, the participants will have a  intense experience The race is non-competitive.
17:00 – 18:00 The Color Run Experience: running/walking –on the 5km track.

At KM 1,2,3 and 4 there are stops where  huge gates of colors are waiting for you and at  KM 5 – an avalanche of glitter!
18:00 – 21:00 The Color Run Festival: A line-up with a DJ, interacting with the best dancing and fitness intructors.
19:30 – The Color Run Explosion: Leave some powder for the festival and color yourself in thousands of combinations.

The explosions of color can repeat throughout the festival so you and your friends enjoy as much as possible the magic!



The Color Run Cluj-Napoca 2014 (2) The Color Run Cluj-Napoca 2014 (5)




Saturday we are running and coloring ourselves, at Cluj, in a vibrant atmosphere. This year, we’ll be joined by  Maia & Raisa. Another reason for which I can’t wait for tomorrow. Our gear is ready (shirt, bracelets, multicolored tutu, hand band, the number of the race, two temporary tattoos), the weather is on our side (sunny!) and the joy is present also.






 For sure, Color Run Romania gives addiction! 


Usefull links : Color Run Romania site oficial,

Facebook  Page Color Run Romania.

P.s. Don’t forget the hashtag #WeShine & #TheColorRunRo


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