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I just got back home the girl’s kindergarten celebration (you can find a short video on Facebook) and we are taking cover in the house, from the wind and ugly clouds outside. It was announced rain. Exactly when I proposed myself to spend more time outdoor, regardless if I am with the girls or alone, writing you. I have a long and beautiful day, the launch of the ‘Nu ma uita’ project at Cluj, about which you can read more here.

Atfer that, I (literally) ran to Iulius Mall,where you can find the Bag Expo (until Sunday) and I made some outdoor photos with  The Color Run Romania team, but I will tell you about that later in another post.

I am still exacited that I have 2 big girls and I am very proud of them! A short review about today. Below, some photos with a gorgeous dress, lacy, in a vivid summer color. You can find it online, here.




IMG_1291copy IMG_1312copy IMG_1327copy IMG_1335copy IMG_1349copy









IMG_1324copy IMG_1339copy IMG_1294copy


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